Submitting a quote

Submitting a quote to the property manager for their maintenance request

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After you have opened the work order, you will see on the right hand side there is a section where you can submit the quote:

Step One:

Read the work order. If you require any further information there is an option where you can send a message to the property manager.

Step Two:

If you are unable to complete a quote for this issue, you can decline and notify the property manager. Click decline this job and add a message to the property manager.

Step Three:

Once you have produced a your quote, it can either be uploaded as a PDF by clicking Select a PDF file or you can manually enter your quote details by navigating to the Enter on Tapi tab.

If you are entering a quote you will need to fill in the following information:

Now your quote has been submitted and you'll hear back from the property manager for the next steps! 😃

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