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Tapi Basics for Tenants
Tapi Basics for Tenants

How to use Tapi as a tenant.

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Tapi is the maintenance platform that your Property Management agency uses to streamline your maintenance requests and ensure that all parties are kept in the loop πŸ‘

As a tenant, you'll be using Tapi to:

😌 No log-in or sign-up is required

πŸ“² You can access easily on the go with your mobile device

1. Reporting your maintenance

Your property manager will have the Tapi Tenant Concierge installed on their website or located in a QR code on your property.

The Tenant Concierge is an intuitive chat bot that will develop a report of your maintenance issue for us to review.

If you have a QR code within your property you can scan that to report maintenance and keep track of current jobs.

By reporting your maintenance through this method, your property manager is able to move work along or seek instructions from the property owner swiftly.

Please upload photos/videos when prompted as this is incredibly beneficial 😌

2. Receive updates

As your job is progressed along you will receive email notifications from your Property Manager via Tapi.

They will look a little like this:

By clicking on the work order link (View issue report), you will be able to easily follow updates of the maintenance request.

You can click back on this link at any point to see the most recent updates.

You can also send messages directly to your property manager regarding your maintenance item through Tapi by clicking the β€˜Reply’ button in the link.


Have more photos or videos for your property manager?

It's simple! Once in your work order, you can click 'add photos or videos' to upload them directly for your property manager as below:

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