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Tapi Basics for Tenants
Tapi Basics for Tenants

How to use Tapi as a tenant.

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As a tenant, Tapi is;

  • Does not require you to login or sign up to use

  • Mobile friendly, and can be used easily on the go

1. Submitting maintenance

If your property manager has the Tapi maintenance request form or Tenant Concierge on their website, you will be able to easily submit your maintenance by following the basic steps. Your request will then be submitted directly to your agent for actioning.

2. Receive an email

If you have submitted maintenance via the Tapi form, you will receive an automatic email notification to advise your request has been submitted.

Your property manager may also choose to notify you at the time of sending maintenance off to a supplier; again, you will receive this notification via email.

3. Follow updates

By clicking into the work order link, you will be able to easily follow updates of the maintenance request. You can click back into this link at any point to see the most recent updates.

You can also send messages directly to your property manager regarding your maintenance item through Tapi by clicking the ‘Reply’ button in the link or replying directly to the maintenance request email.

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