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Learn how to use Tapi as a tradie in 5 minutes.

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Before we kick things off! Just a reminder...

  • Tapi is free for tradies πŸŽ‰

  • You don't need to login or sign up to use it 🀩

  • There is an option to create a free dashboard to see your work in one place

  • You can use Tapi on your phone/tablet whilst on the road πŸš—πŸ“²

Using Tapi as a tradie in 5 steps πŸ€™

1. Receive an email πŸ“§

Your property management client sends a work order or requests a quote via email.

2. Open the report πŸ“•

Click the button in the email to open the work order:

It includes all important information about the job on the left-hand side. The work order is easily printable for taking out on the road – or just open it on your phone anytime.

3. Take the required action πŸ™

In the case that your client requested a quote, you can fill out a simple form or upload your quote.
In the case that your client sent a work order, you can call the tenants using the contact details provided, settle on a date and set it in the system with a few clicks. The tenants will get an email with a date confirmation and a reminder on the day.

4. Confirm the job πŸ‘

Once the scheduled date has passed, you'll get an email requesting you to confirm the job.

This is as easy as one click and lets the property manager know that the job is completed (AKA no more follow ups).

You can also decide to reschedule the job if it still needs work, or re-quote the job.

πŸ’‘ If you need to create a full new work order for rectification works or something you noticed onsite, you can do this like this.

5. Send an invoice πŸ’Έ

Finally, when you're ready to invoice, you can:

  • upload your invoice directly into the work order

  • or send the invoice to the company-specific invoice email address.

This will automatically let the manager see it on their work order page for them to process.


☝️Note: Any images that you send with your work order via email (including completion reports) will be merged into the invoice.

If you are required to upload completion photos, please do this through the send attachments function just above the audit trail:

 ✨ That's it!
Try it with your first work order – it's easy as.

Tapi is here to make it as easy as possible for you to get on with your job. We're also here to help your residential property management clients with organising work orders.

Help us make Tapi better by leaving a comment below!

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