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Taking Action on Work Orders
Accepting and scheduling a work order
Accepting and scheduling a work order

Let your property manager know if you can do the job and when you will visit the property

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You will receive your work order request via email. Simply click the white button in the email to open it and to view the full work order.

Step 1:
Read the work order details (situated on the left hand side). If you are unable to complete the work required you can decline and notify the property manager. To decline, click decline the work order and optionally add a message to the property manager.

Step 2:
Make contact with the tenant and arrange a day for the work to be completed. 

Step 3:

  • If you have scheduled a date with the tenant enter the date that has been arranged.

  • If you wish to advise the property manager that you accept the job but wish to schedule it at another time, select I will schedule this job later. We will then prompt you at a later date that this job still requires you to schedule it.

  • Ensure you understand the health and safety information (if any is included), then tick I have read the health and safety information on the work order.

  • To accept, click Accept & schedule job.

Once you have scheduled the job you will be directed back to the work order screen and it will show the scheduled date.

Tenants will be sent an automatic email that advises of the date you have scheduled the job for as well as reminder before the scheduled date. 

To see how to confirm that you have completed the work, see Confirming a job.

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