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Why can I not see my work orders on my Supplier Dashboard?
Why can I not see my work orders on my Supplier Dashboard?

Find out why you might not be seeing your work order on your Supplier Dashboard

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Your Tapi dashboard is set up using the email a property manager has entered into their trust account.

In order for these to show up in your Supplier Dashboard, the email that work orders are sent to must match the same one that your dashboard is set up.

Often the main reasons for missing work orders are:

  • the work orders are being sent to a different email, different from your dashboard email OR

  • you might have had your email address updated by the property manager

If you are working with multiple property management companies who use Tapi, you should see ALL work orders in the same dashboard as long as they are all using the same email address

If you would like to update your email, please reach out to your property manager so that your dashboard can be updated correctly! πŸ˜„

If you need further help, please feel free to message us at

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