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(Supplier) How do I add attachments to a work order
(Supplier) How do I add attachments to a work order

Find out how to add attachments to a work order sent to you from your Property Manager.

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You can now add attachments to work orders!

Let's say you need to add photos to go along with your quote, or maybe you need to add a certificate to go a long with some work - now you can!

Adding Attachments 🛠

  • After receiving a work order, on the right-hand side, there will now be a 'send message or attachments.' button.

  • This button will always be located on the right at the bottom of the action you need to take or if you have already actioned the job, then the audit trail.

  • If you click this button you will be able to add a message as well as any documents, photos, or additional files that relate to the job.

  • Once you click upload they will show in the audit trail where your property manager will have the option to add them to the job.

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