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How do I get & install the tenant concierge?
How do I get & install the tenant concierge?

Instructions for getting, installing the tenant concierge & what to do next!

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Head to Business Settings > Tenant Concierge > Copy Code - and supply this to your IT/web design team. They'll know what to do from here.

Important! You need to inform support or your CSM what your "emergency message" is. This is what we will show tenant's when the AI has deemed the issue is urgent. This is usually either a:

  • list of on call trades

  • floating phone number

  • message - "Refer to your lease" "Contact your PM"

All will be fronted with the prompt: "If this cannot wait for your property manager to come back to within business hours..." if you would like!

We will also assign an "issues manager". This is the person who the requests will be assigned to, if for some reason we are unable to match the tenant with the corresponding managing agent.

Don't have access to Business Settings? Check in with your manager, or contact your CSM!

Here are some tips for the best framing and installation for the concierge πŸ‘©β€πŸ’»

Here's what you should send to tenants to ensure they know where to go πŸ‘Œ

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