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We will go through our advice on installing Tenant Concierge QR codes in your tenant's homes & what to do when your QR codes arrive

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Installing QR codes is super simple! What you need to know to get started:

  • It's a 20 second process to scan and link the property to the QR code

  • Each QR code is linked directly to the property - meaning there are no barriers to tenant's reporting maintenance

  • Tenant's can see open work they have reported within the QR code

WAIT! I don't have QR codes yet...

What do I do when my QR codes arrive?

Step 1 πŸ“¦

Place the QR code box in a high traffic place in the office. Open it up. Get the crew to huddle.

Step 2 πŸ“²

Scan one, give it a whirl. Simple right?

Step 3 🧐

Pack out those inspection "tool boxes" with QR codes & where possible - add a task to your inspection process "Link QR code"

Step 4 πŸ“œ

Collateral up! Use the flyer PDF below to print out leaflets to leave in tenant's home post-install. Double-down here, and flick them an email as well!

Where should I put them in my tenant's home?

This is completely up to you but we have some great recommendations.

  • Under the kitchen sink on the inside of the cupboard door

  • On the power/fuse box

  • On the back of the front door

Why? You need this to be somewhere visible for the tenant for reporting. This will be handy for brand recognition in future tenants:
​"I'm renting from ABC Property Management again this year, I know that I can report maintenance from under the kitchen sink"

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