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Starting with Tapi: Stakeholder Adoption
Starting with Tapi: Stakeholder Adoption

You're about to go live! It's important that everyone knows the changes you're about to make!

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Here are some templates that you can copy and paste, edit to make your own, and then bulk send out to your owners, tradesmen, and tenants from your trust account, ahead of launching Tapi.

Our goal here is to get them just as excited as you are. It’s about the why, not just the how.

When they receive communication from you during the workflow process, the emails will have your Company logo as the header, so it shouldn’t be too confusing.

These communications should be set up 1-2 days before using Tapi, and we recommend that you send out reminders to your stakeholders month on month, for the first couple of months.

To Suppliers/Tradesmen

Hey there team,

There’s some exciting changes coming to our maintenance process over the next couple of days with the introduction of Tapi.

We have invested in this tool to help us streamline our maintenance process from tenant reporting, all the way to invoicing. It is not at a cost to you, we wouldn’t do that to you!

New things to expect…

  • When you receive work orders from us, there will be a link in the email that you will need to click the link to view work order information. These links will provide you with the opportunity to upload quotes, contact property managers/tenants, and schedule work orders. You do not need to sign up to anything to access this.

  • All invoices need to be either uploaded to these links, or; they can be sent to {add your specific tapi invoice email address}

  • Please include the Work Order number (TAPI#) in the description/PO space of the invoice.

There is the option to make a free dashboard, however this is not compulsory. If you make this dashboard, you will be able to see all of your maintenance in one space.

To learn a little more on how to use Tapi, watch this quick video.

You are also more than welcome to contact their support anytime, by clicking the “Help” button in the top right hand corner of the job page, or emailing

Many thanks,


For Owners

Hey there [name- recommended that you personalise],

We have an exciting update!

We have recently invested in a new software that will help us assist in taking care of your propert[y/ies]. This software, Tapi, streamlines tenant reporting, supplier management, and communication transparency.

You will notice that our maintenance requests come through with a slightly different format, and will be via All you need to do is click the link located in these emails, and it will open a view of the maintenance request so that you have all of the information you need to help with your decisions.

A short video here shows you how this works for you!

I have attached a PDF one pager to this email that will show you a little more about how Tapi allows us to best care for your asset. I look forward to hearing your feedback!

If you ever need technical support, you can reach out to us, or

Take care,


For Tenants

NB: This can only be sent out after your Tenant Concierge has been embedded into your website. Contact your CSM if you have not been provided instructions on how to do this.

Hey there [Agency] tenants,

Great news! We have recently invested in a new way to manage your maintenance requests better. This will ensure that we deal with your issues faster, you’re better kept in the loop, and updated automatically along the job’s progress.

When reporting Maintenance from now on, please use this ChatBot (hyperlink the chatbot here once installed) (embedded on our website). Once submitted you will receive a confirmation email with a link to track progress.

We are absolutely here to answer questions and support your tenancy needs. However, this is the fastest way to report maintenance issues. As your job moves forward in the journey you will be kept updated via email, find out more here.

Looking forward to helping you keep your home happy,


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