Getting maintenance and repairs done often requires a bit of good old human interaction – we want you to stay healthy and safe even when the novel coronavirus might be making things a little harder than usual.

We've collected some common advice and further information on this page. This information is not attempting to replace instructions and advice of your local authorities or your GP. Talk to a doctor if you are feeling unwell.

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Keep social distance

Staying a little further away from each other generally helps reduce the transmissions of the virus.

Wash your hands and avoid touching your face

Washing your hands with soap frequently will kill viruses. Alternatively use a alcohol-based hand disinfectant.

Avoid touching your mouth, nose or eyes as your hands may have picked up viruses from surfaces.

Check in on each other

A person with COVID-19 infection may develop the following symptoms:

  • cough

  • shortness of breath

  • fever

Look out for each other and check in on the other person if you think that they present any of those symptoms.

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Inform yourself and stay up-to-date with official information. We've collected a few helpful links below.

General advice


New Zealand

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As a property manager, you can find more information on Tapi's COVID-19-specific features in our Help Centre:

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